Pugs Spectacle Cloth

Microfiber cleaning cloth suitable for all glasses, screens or lenses. 

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140 CZK

An indispensable product for your everyday life! A printed microfiber cloth, useful not only for cleaning glasses but also phone and tablet screens or camera lenses! Removing stains and fingerprints from your devices will be much more enjoyable.

The Lobkowicz family have prized their dogs over many centuries often depicting them as part of their family portraits and photographs and even having individual paintings made of their favorite pets and hunting dogs. The Dog Room in the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague is devoted to the family’s ancestral companions dating as far back as the 17th century.

The print is inspired by the Lobkowicz family's two favourite dogs, Asinus and Korte

Each piece is made exclusivelly for the Lobkowicz Palace.


Dimensions: 15 x 18 cm