Haymaking Puzzle Postcard

A unique combination of a puzzle and a postcard in one!

In Stock (> 5 pcs)
140 CZK

Are you tired of sending only regular postcards? Surprise your loved ones with a puzzle postcard! Write your message on the reverse as usual, then break up the jigsaw and send the pieces in the envelope provided. The recipient has to complete the puzzle first to reveal a reproduction of Bruegel´s Haymaking on the front side and read your message on the back! 

The Haymaking is one of six works that form the artist’s painting cycle entitled Months. The title is apt, as each piece is meant to represent the activities of the countryside-dwelling peasantry during two months of the year; Bruegel painted the entire cycle in the year 1565, and all but one canvas have survived to present-day. Haymaking, which represents June and July and which is the best preserved of the remaining five paintings, belongs to The Lobkowicz Collections and may be seen year-round at Lobkowicz Palace Museum.


Dimensions: 16 x 10 cm

Puzzle contains 20 pieces.