Explore Traditional Czech Craftsmanship

Studio Křak

We’re featuring the beautiful products of ceramic studio Křak. The studio is inspired by Asian motifs and combines them with Bohemian ceramic traditions in a unique way.


Explore the unique paper products of PaperTime, showcasing a variety of fun paper jigsaw puzzles that will entertain the whole family.

Světlana Ciglerová

Unique Geometric Porcelainware

Inspired by Czech Cubism, the creatives behind Vjemy produce unique geometric porcelainware with timeless designs. Explore a selection of their hand-crafted pieces on our e-shop.

Alena Chládková

Glass Bead Jewelry

Drawing upon the long tradition of Venetian glass beadmaking, this husband-and-wife team produce designer jewelry from individually crafted hand-wound glass beads, many decorated with gold leaf and silver.

Brigita Krumphanzlová

Hand-Painted Silk Scarves

Mrs. Krumphanzlová produces beautiful hand-painted silk scarves. Each unique piece is originally designed, with many motifs inspired by the Lobkowicz Collections and castles.

Hana Javorková

Hand-Carved Wood

Dwelling in the Šumava woods in southern Bohemia, local fruit trees like apple and cherry, or walnut and elm are turned into beautiful hand-carved bowls. Each original piece is made with olive or linseed oil and finished with wax – ready to hold fruit or nuts or serve as a decorative centerpiece for your dining table.