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Since 1994, Lobkowicz Collections o.p.s. (originally the Roudnice Lobkowicz Foundation), a non-profit organization registered in the Czech Republic, has been working to preserve, protect and share with the public the magnificent works of art, music and literature returned to the Lobkowicz family in restitution after the Velvet Revolution of 1989. The organization oversees the management, conservation and restoration of The Collections and provides the curatorial, administrative and outreach assistance necessary to make these treasures accessible to the general public and to scholars worldwide.

General support

The Thames on Lord Mayor’s Day (detail),
c. 1750, by Antonio Canaletto
A contribution to General Support will provide Lobkowicz Collections, o.p.s. with invaluable help in its mission to preserve for the future, share with the public and increase global awareness of The Collections.

Daily Preservation Efforts: The diverse tasks and needs involved in preservation work range from the ongoing education of museum staff to the purchase of equipment designed to ensure optimal environmental conditions in the museum galleries. A typical preservation expense is the acquisition of dehumidifiers for exhibition spaces; each of these essential machines is purchased at a cost of 25,000 CZK. The annual maintenance expenditure for all these machines totals 30,000 CZK, this includes everything from new filters to the regular calibration of the thermo-hydrographs responsible for continual temperature and humidity control in the galleries.

Museum Building Expenses: General Support contributions help offset the operating costs of the museums at Lobkowicz Palace and Nelahozeves Castle. Among the largest of these expenses are the electrical and heating costs, which at Lobkowicz Palace alone will rise to 1,160,000 CZK and 1,213,000 CZK, respectively, this year. These utility expenses are expected to continue to increase between 5% and 6% annually for the next three years.


David with the Head of Goliath (detail),
1575, by Paolo Veronese
Overseeing the conservation needs of The Collections is one of the key responsibilities of Lobkowicz Collections, o.p.s. Working with Czech and international experts, The Collections staff is continually striving to find the best ways to preserve these objects for the enjoyment and education of future generations. The most significant projects to date have been the conservation of Peter Paul Rubens´s Hygieia Nourishing the Sacred Serpent (completed in 2000) and Paolo Veronese’s David with the Head of Goliath (completed in 2011), projects made possible through the generosity of private donors. The invaluable financial support of individual and corporate contributors has allowed hundreds of works of art from The Collections to be conserved.

To read about specific conservation projects in need of your support, please click here.


Working as a curator during
Junior Curators program
One of the main priorities of Lobkowicz Collections, o.p.s. is to utilize the vast resources of The Collections to create arts, history and preservation-focused educational programs designed to engage students of all ages and backgrounds. These initiatives range from single-day seminars to multi-week school programs and are offered to both domestic and international academic institutions.

Junior Curator Program: Designed for young people ages 13-14, this program requires students to assume the role of curators as they work in groups to identify an assigned uncataloged work of art from The Collections. Guided by their teachers, with assistance from Collections staff, students spend several weeks conducting research on their objects, tracking their progress and sharing information on frequently updated blogs. Following the conclusion of their investigation, students write a report and create a printed brochure about their object and present their findings to teachers, parents, fellow students and Collections staff.

Firmly planting The Collections in the 21st-century, modern technology recently allowed a Czech school to collaborate with a United States-based school on the Junior Curator Program. The American students were even able to participate in the final group presentations with the help of video equipment.

Funds needed: 10,000 CZK for a group of 50 students (for materials, staffing and other associated costs).

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